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The University for International Cooperation (UCI) is based in Costa Rica and reaches out to over 60 countries. We are pioneers in regenerative development and online education. We now need to train and educate thousands of young professionals around the world to be able to act as first responders and promote regenerative actions.
To accelerate regeneration, we are setting up a global fund to offer scholarships to students from around the world. A full scholarship is US$ 6500, a cost heavily subsidized by UCI, a non-profit university. We need your support now; we have no time to lose!

Your Invitation to Make a Difference: We invite you to be a catalyst for change by contributing to our scholarship fund. Your generous donation will directly support students in their pursuit of higher education, enabling them to achieve their academic and professional goals.

How Your Donation Makes an Impact:
• Provides financial assistance to deserving students
• Encourages academic excellence and personal growth
• Creates opportunities for underprivileged individuals to access education
• Strengthens our community and contributes to a brighter future for all life

Ways to Contribute:
1. One-time Donation: Make a one-time contribution to our scholarship fund.
2. Recurring Donation: Consider setting up a recurring donation to provide sustained support.
3. Corporate Sponsorship: Explore opportunities for corporate partnerships and sponsorships.

How to Donate:Visit our donation page to make a secure online contribution of up to $5000. For larger donations or alternative donation methods, please contact our Development Team at

Recognition and Impact Reports: As a valued supporter, your contribution will be acknowledged through our various communication channels, and you will receive periodic impact reports, detailing how your donation is making a difference in the lives of students.
Your generosity has the power to transform lives and build a better future. Thank you for considering our invitation to support education through UCI.
We appreciate your commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of aspiring students.